Powerglove 08/03 + Self-Titled CD announcement

Hey all!

Steven and I officially met at a local show in Spring Hill, Florida in August 2005 to see local heroes Soul Stitch. That night, we moshed and became friends over video games and video game culture. Later that evening, we found each other on MySpace, did the whole friend request rigmarole, and discovered that we had the same band (albeit different songs) set as our profile songs.

It is with extreme happiness, and a 13 year journey, to announce that we are opening for Powerglove on August 3 at The Haven in Orlando.

Tickets are $15 a piece for just the ticket (plus shipping), OR for $20 (plus shipping), you can get a ticket AND OUR NEW ALBUM THAT WILL BE COMING OUT THE SAME DAY~!!

That’s right, Under Polaris’ self titled album is announced, and will be coming out the same day as this show~

Let’s rock out and have a wholesome time~


– Kit and Steven